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This site is intended for people who need help and for people who want to offer help and who live nearby. Voluntary, free and by social involvement.

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The Corona virus causes bizarre times.

Many normal facilities are down or have become more difficult. And this while some have a lot of time available because school or work is (partly) impossible.

This site aims to connect people who need help with those who can provide help and who also live / work nearby.

Voluntary, free and from social involvement.

Do you need help? Post your request for help.

Can you help others? Post a response to a request or sign up to stay informed.

Responses to a question are shared by email with the person asking for help. He/She can contact the persons who have offered help.


What kind of help is needed?

Help with chores

Care assistance

Transportation support

Mental support

Childsitting help

General support

Support for loneliness

Support with school work
This site was created thanks to various volunteers.
It is fantastic to see people offering help all kinds of ways.
Let’s keep this up.

To optimally support this, a group of volunteers has teamed up to use their knowledge, skills and experience, which has led to this website.

Selfless and with the sole purpose of contributing to this challenging period.


This website is realized by:

With the help of the volunteers below:

White label

The organizations below use this website:

Jongeren raad Maastricht

Bedrijven en vrijwilligers

zonder hen was het niet gelukt

Gradus – Ondernemer – Technology

FranZ – Werknemer – Design

Marco – Ondernemer – Management

Yara – Ondernemer – Social Media

Roel– Employee– Testing

Suzanne – Entrepreneur– Testing

Elisa – Entrepeneur– Testing

Imke – Student – Testing

Jochem - Student - Testing

Luuk - Employee - Testing

Lotte - Student - Testing

Liesbeth - Partner - Patience

Odet - Partner - Patience

Marjo - Partner - Patience


How does it work?

You can either ask for help or offer help here. The site matches between requests and offers.

Personal data is only shared with a person asking for help if you post a response to a question for help. Your personal data is safe and is only used for this site.

Our goal is everything will be done voluntarily, free of charge and with genuine social involvement.

I need help
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